Sunday, April 29, 2012


Well not really an outfit of the day but it is a pic of three items I am wearing today  :). 

All items bought at T.J. Maxx

First we have a basic red/dark orange cami. 

On top of that I'm wearing a an asymmetrical  top, the back is a camel colored jersey material and the reason I bought this top is because of the gloriously fun neon scarlet elephants pattern. The second I saw the  shirt it reminded me of the marching pink elephants from Dumbo and I had to have it. 
Lastly I have on a blue button up denim mix shirt and I love it so much. It is absolutely my favorite item at the moment and I have to stop myself from finding ways to wear it every day. 
Perhaps Ill do a different ways of wearing it post once finals are over, if i don't wear it out by then.

Here's a better pic of my Shine of the Times mani from the last post. You can see the rose gold color much  better in daylight.

Ta ta for now

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunset On My Tips

Hola Lola,

Regretfully I do not know any Lola's, though I'm sure if I were to meet one she would be endlessly fascinating. I do however enjoy saying hola lola and will continue to do so in the hopes that I will finally meet a fascinating lady named Lola. For tonight I give you my nails of the day and lips of the day. Sorry about the crummy pic, my camera has been kaput and so I use my phone.

Now ignore the horrible picture and just imagine having all the gorgeous rose gold, orange and reds of a holographic sunset on your nails. That is what Essie's Shine of the Times does to your nails. I know this is meant to be on top of another color and it is beautiful like that as well but I decided to give it a go on its own. It took three coats for me to achieve a really solid covering of the holographic particles but it was pretty in one or two coats as well. Its not an in your face color but it gives amazing dimension to your nails and really does look like a sunset.

This lip color is a balm/lipstick from Aerie that's ages old and I don't think in existence anymore but it can easily be duplicated by a Revlon lip butter or fuchsia lip stain and gloss. I don't normally like having shiny lips and contrary to this picture the lipstick provides a sheer wash of color that can be built up with a nice sheen to it, and it super moisturizing! 

That's all for tonight, I do have my last ever finals week for school coming up so posts might be delayed for a while. 

Have a dandy night, 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Baubles and Bling

Hello Hello,

It is a gorgeous day outside and I want to run through campus singing with the birds....yes I have contemplated that. However, I will not embarrass all my lovely friends and boyfriend by doing so. I will instead tell you about an amazing site I recently discovered that has all sorts of pretty jewelry and accessories at discount prices.

Drum Roll please............(I know you're all waiting with baited breath) is the site to check out.

Here are some of my favorite things in my cart right now.
Delicate sideways cross bracelet

I love this ring, its perfect for glamming up a basic outfit

I am currently a very poor college student and I certainly do love my jewelry and shiny things, this site has a variety of styles and pieces at discount prices and I am loving it. There are two things you have to do to access all the goodies:

1. Create a free account, you cant see the prices until you do
2. Because it is a wholesale site, you have to buy at least $50 of things.

 I know that might sound pretty daunting, but if you get a couple of friends together and buy as a group or just want to treat yourself its a great tool. With the average price of jewelry being around $10-$15 and most pieces under $10 you're definitely getting your money's worth.

I hope you guys like the site, and let me know what you get :).

More pretty things!

I've been wanting an evil eye necklace since Michelle1218 wore one in a video. Some of you probably know her, she is one of my favorite Youtube guru's. It was such a pretty delicate piece that I cant wait to get this one.  
And these turquoise earrings, well what can I say except that they're fabulous.

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***** DISCLAIMER*****
All the photos have been taken directly and are credited to the Fashion Bella site, I have also found and supported this site of my own volition and have never been contacted by them.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Good, The Best & The Sticky

Hello lovelies,

So I have been gone for ever and suffice it to say life was far to busy in the meanwhile. However it has been successfully busy so I will not mourn my lack of free time too much. My dance team raised over $1000 for donation through a charity showcase that we organize and as Captain it certainly kept me very involved; also  I'm looking at a potential full time position/promotion at work, which will be fantastic as unfortunately I will soon no longer be a carefree university student :(.

Well enough of the sad stuff, I have my mug of tea on hand as I bravely hazard my first product review (I'm shaking in my not so fashionable pajamas).

Lets get the bad out of the way, to be perfectly honest the reason I stopped wearing and buying lip glosses in high school was because of the sheer sticky factor, and frankly the Juicy Tube has given me flashbacks to the days of glitter blush and hair on my lips with the slightest draft.
Here it what the product description says:
This ultra shiny gloss sweeps on a sheer, sexy wash of color in a variety of shades and flavors. You’ll love the ultra-glossy formula that glides on easily with its tube-tip applicator. Perfectly portable, this essential gloss discreetly slips in a pocket or purse for a quick fix of fabulous anytime.
Now it certainly is portable and will definitely slip into a pocket or purse easily which is where the appeal ends for me. In the tube it shows as a beautiful rosy/coral color with golden shimmer spread throughout. It gives me dreams of having gorgeous pinky lips perfect for the spring. These dreams do not come true :(, on first application the color disappears almost entirely and indeed becomes an extremely sheer shadow of the color in the tube with what looks like an overdose of glitter. Now all of this wouldn't be too bad if it felt amazing and gave me moisturized lips. 

It does not.

It does however, feel as if I have coated my lips in a mixture of glue and grease, and the sticky feeling continues long after I have wiped it off because it leaves a residue. Now I did wear this on its own at first but when I tried it a second time paired over my Revlon peach lipstick with a slight application on the pout it made a very pretty effect and did minimize the stickyness some, I will not be repurchasing though because with the amount of product I use and how much is in the tube it is sure to last me quite a while. 

Now the good stuff, I am a true to heart lipstick girl. If I'm going to wear any makeup at all (and most days i'm to lazy to) I'll have a swipe of lipstick and it instantly makes me feel more glam and put together. Currently I'm loving Revlon's Peach and Rosy Nude lipsticks. 

Revlon Peach 075

Revlon Peach is gorgeous true peach tone that can be sheer or built up and Rosy Nude is my absolute favorite everyday go to lipstick. In the tube it looks like pinkish mauve toned color, on the lips its buttery soft, moisturizing, and a beautiful natural pink tone that doesn't disappear but makes my lips look better. I would recommend these two colors for most skin tones as they complement my Indian coloring as well as my lovely white friends as well. 

Revlon Rosy Nude
Now while the two lipsticks are may day to day products the Red Velvet Lip Butter is not only my going out product but easily wearable as a stain for daily use as well. As the name implies it is a creamy smooth formula with rich coloring. I would say that it is a perfect blend between a balm and lipstick.  Not a true bright red its rich maroon tones looks more sophisticated and is far more wearable. It also gives a slight shine to your lips without any of the stickyness. Definitely an ideal product, I will have to try one of the more natural looking colors and I might have found my new go to product.
 Well thats all for today, hope everyone is enjoying the gorgeous weather and Ill see  you soon and more regularly ;). 
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

An Indian Summer in the Middle of Winter (OOTD)

So if you guys live anywhere in the New England area you know that it's been ridiculously warm lately. Now I'm a big lover of nice weather, but I'm definitely missing the cozyness and hot cocoa  that comes with blizzards. However it did give my dance team a great opportunity to do a photoshoot before it became far to messy and slushy. The theme was formal "swag" so we all had a little mix of casual and nice clothes. Don't make fun of my very posy pics >.<.  I'm a horrible picture taker haha , I relied on some good old fashioned tilt the head and cross the legs positions.

The shirt is from Abercrombie (a remnant of  two very unfortunate years working in the store)
Vest is stolen from my roommate last minute but I think its from Joyce Leslie

Black jeans from Kohls
Brown boots stolen from mom, I want to say that they're from Macy's but don't remember the brand.
I'm wearing a blue bracelet seen here and Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet on my nails. I love this color and the quality is fantastic as well. Its a creamy and very opaque formula that dry's fast. I used two coats with no top or base coat (I know I know, but I'm lazy sometimes) and it lasted for a week with barely any chipping which was fantastic, and the color is the perfect mint without being too green like Essie's Turquoise and Caicos. Turquoise and Caicos is another amazing color but I'd describe it as more of an Aqua than a true Mint tone.
Thats all for now, have a great weekend guys I'm crossing my fingers for some major snow so that I can have a break from school :)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Been Gone For So Long

Well, it certainly has been a while. Between moving back to school, schoolwork, work and my computer going kapoot I've certainly had a busy few weeks. But until I have time for a longer post, perhaps and OOTD here's one of my favorite scarves.

I'm a huge scarf girl, you can change up an outfit easily from class to a nice lunch with friends just by changing the scarf you're wearing. I have large square ones, long skinny ones, thin ones, thick ones, solid and printed. I might have a scarf addiction >.<. But this particular one is from H&M, its a gigantic square scarf that I can easily use as a shawl, beach cover, or wrapped up for winter cozyness around my neck. The large bright flower print always peps me up especially on rainy days, and works well with a variety of colors and outfits. I like to wear it with a flowy white blouse, dark blue jeans and a pair of boots or sandals depending on the season. What do you guys think about scarves? Do you have a favorite one, id love to see them :). 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things I'm loving

Hello Hello,

So break is almost over for me and I'm headed back to my apartment at school tomorrow. I'm always happy to go back to school because I get to see my friends again, there's always something going on and I have more freedom. On the downside I don't get delicious home cooked foods everyday and there's a lot of work to get done *sigh*. Until I'm back on the grind here's a few things that I've been loving for some time now. 
 I found my turquoise wallet at Big Lots for only three or four dollars and fell in love instantly(this was in my I must have everything turquoise phase). Not only was it super cheap, but its made really well. I love the color with some gold stud and zipper detailing. Its got two pockets and a zippered pouch so it has plenty of room for my cards, money and the bits and bobs that find their way in. 
Of course I'm loving my IPhone, not much to be said there its pretty much attached to me while I play Temple run and Dragon vale. 
The Wreck this Journal was a nifty Christmas gift from my boyfriend, it has instructions on every page of things to do to it everyday to "wreck it" here's some fun examples. Its a great way to stay creative and looking at things in a new way.
 I got this bracelet a few weeks ago at JCpenny, and I love how jazzy and sparkly it is. After hunting for similar ones on the internet for ages and finding none under $20 I almost gave in and then luckily stumbled across this beauty while walking through the store. Its such an easy piece to add some pizzazz to any basic outfit.
 These are my staples for everyday wear. The pearl studs are from H&M and the ring is from Kohl's (City Rox).
 I love perfume. When I say I love perfume, I mean that you will hardly ever find me without a spritz of something on whereas I go for days without a spot of make up. I also prefer cleaner more masculine scents to floral and fruity and as such I have had several men's colognes as a part of my collection through out the years.  I like Issue No. 1 Vinyl from Pac Sun and have had it for a long time now, its a woodsy scent that's not over powering and good for daily use.
sorry about the crap picture :( my camera died
With all the buzz that's been going around about Argan oil, I figured I would give it a try when I saw this at CVS. I have used other Organix products in the past and really enjoyed them and this one is no different. It's the more affordable version of the Josie Maran oil retailing at about $10 instead of Josie's $48. In my opinion it works really well, though my hair isn't particularly frizzy or boisterous in anyway I found that this does make it a lot softer and sleeker with shine and no greasy look or feeling. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to try Argan oil.

I'm sure all of you have already read, seen, and used these two for ages. I would definitely consider the Blistex Silk & Shine a holy grail product, its always done wonders for my lips. The Burt's Bees lip balm is in the color Rose and is a great moisturizer and adds a nice touch of color. 

*PHEW* that was a very unintentionally long post, now back to packing for me :) have a great day!