Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunset On My Tips

Hola Lola,

Regretfully I do not know any Lola's, though I'm sure if I were to meet one she would be endlessly fascinating. I do however enjoy saying hola lola and will continue to do so in the hopes that I will finally meet a fascinating lady named Lola. For tonight I give you my nails of the day and lips of the day. Sorry about the crummy pic, my camera has been kaput and so I use my phone.

Now ignore the horrible picture and just imagine having all the gorgeous rose gold, orange and reds of a holographic sunset on your nails. That is what Essie's Shine of the Times does to your nails. I know this is meant to be on top of another color and it is beautiful like that as well but I decided to give it a go on its own. It took three coats for me to achieve a really solid covering of the holographic particles but it was pretty in one or two coats as well. Its not an in your face color but it gives amazing dimension to your nails and really does look like a sunset.

This lip color is a balm/lipstick from Aerie that's ages old and I don't think in existence anymore but it can easily be duplicated by a Revlon lip butter or fuchsia lip stain and gloss. I don't normally like having shiny lips and contrary to this picture the lipstick provides a sheer wash of color that can be built up with a nice sheen to it, and it super moisturizing! 

That's all for tonight, I do have my last ever finals week for school coming up so posts might be delayed for a while. 

Have a dandy night, 

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